About us

Our Commanding Officers

Aoife  commander  Velinn

 Camp Master: HL Eoghan O’Briain
Treasurer: HL Helena Zancani
Secretary: Lady Catriona Dujous

As a group dedicated to re-enacting a war unit, the Iron Ring encourages study of armed and armored combat by its members, and seeks to participate in activities including but not limited to SCA armored combat, target archery and rapier combat.

Members of the Iron Ring are highly encouraged to foster an attitude of cooperation between each other and also members of the re-enactment community at large, we emphasize service to our community and encourage our members to volunteer on all levels. We shall lead by positive example and follow the positive example of others.

The Iron Ring is governed by a charter encompassing its rules and regulations, as first ratified by the members in 2007. Generally, all decisions are made by the officers of the Iron Ring (for matters such as use of funds and member disputes) or by a 3/4 majority of our members.