Heraldry and Awards

Flower.jpg  Awards and AccoladesFlower.jpg

The Iron Ring was honored by Queen Adwen Wrenne at An Tir/West War XLV/2010 with a Forget-Me-Not. She praised the unit for crafting unit mantles instead of unit tabards, so that it could wear the An Tir tabards and still show unit cohesion.

We were happy at 12th Night L/2016 to again receive from the lovely hands of Queen Mary Grace of Gatland a Forget-Me-Not, this time for overall service provided by the household and her members to their Royal Majesties and An Tir.

We have also received the honor of Sable Pillar in 2013 from Their Excellencies Dragons Mist, Svava and Refr for services as a household to the Barony of Dragon’s Mist.

We are exceptionally proud of all of our members who have worked hard, and been recognized with an Award of Arms, Goutte de Sang, Hastae Leonis and/or Jambe de Lion.


We are now exceedingly proud to say that we are the Household of 5 Knights of Chivalry, a Master of Defense, 2 Laurels and 2 Pelicans as well as 4 Royal Peers, a Baron and Baroness and several Baronial and Kingdom Officers. We work hard, we play hard.