Household Arts and Sciences

As a household, we are ever working to increase our skills and scoop of experiences. Currently we have members who are well versed in these fields, and are always happy to share their knowledge and love of these arts. (Please see member pages for links to blogs, etc regarding individuals works). 

Period Garments- As our tenure in the SCA has grown, we are continuing to work towards ever more period garments and garment creation methods. We have many seamstresses in our household, and hope to foster more as the years go on. We’ve also had various member branch out into haberdashery, embroidery, and applique as well as other small accessory making and crafts. 


Illumination and Calligraphy-  A skill that seems to have snuck up on us. We are happy to now be known as a house full of talented painters, calligraphers and word smiths. We have recently enjoyed being in service to our Baron Finn Grim as well as half a dozen sets of Majesties. 

Gastronomy- The quickest way to a mans heart is thru his stomach, and we are blessed with those that know and love how to cook! Our camp kitchen is always well stocked with supplies, and hospitality, and we have period foodies among us too- ready to woo you with delectable open fire dishes, or cast iron baked cookies. 

 Image result for iron cooking

Silk Banners- A very new endeavor, our household is now attempting to jump into the art of banner making- We would love to show and encourage the pageantry that makes this game so lovely, and what better way to do so, than by example! 

To Read More about Banner Making-

A Study in Historical Banner Making Technique

Paint on Silk

Heraldry- We are blessed to have our very own voice and book heralds, Lissette and Davide, respectively  to advise the household in all things to do with period heraldry. Their expertise is deep and they are happy to share their knowledge with anyone that might need it. ​To see the registered heraldry of our household, please go here