Household Marshal Pursuits

The Iron Ring promotes activity in martial prowess, in support of its mission to present the look and feel of a historical military unit.


Heavy Fighting-
Several of our members participate in SCA heavy combat. The Captain of our heavy war unit is Velinn Rulavson. His agenda is to get as many Iron Ring members into armor as possible, and to practice regularly and with a variety of opponents.  Currently we practice on and off at several local practices in Dragon’s Mist, Three Mountains and Stromgard and occasionally work with other war groups to schedule and attend war practices as time permits.


Rapier Combat-
We are proud to support Mara inghean Eoghain and our own Master to be, Eoghan O’Briain on the rapier field and also see our commander don the mask occasionally as well.

Combat Archery-
Our unit possesses several crossbows and longbows and may, at any time, decide to bring the pain to a war near you.

Target Archery and Thrown Weapons-
We are thrilled to now have some of the Kingdom’s most committed competitors in target archery and thrown Weapons. We proudly support Gerik of Oakhurst, Daimhin of Hauksgardr and even our talented (and deadly!) ringlet Sammy in their competitions!