Household Service

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Above ALL else, this household values service in her members-but humility in their actions. Every person, whether a pledge, recruit or full member is asked to perform at least 2 hours of service to the site or crown at each event we attend. To this end we can be found in the kitchens, on the war fields bearing water, at gate, on retinue, setting up or tearing down, or sometimes hidden in a tent, madly painting or completing the words on a scroll for their Majesties moments before court begins. We also often get called to stand in as stunt retinue, heralds and the like- a service to their majesties or their representatives that we are honored to provide. 

Without those that would serve, this society would not function and as such we not only encourage our members to serve at events, but also behind the scenes holding Kingdom and Baronial offices, deputy positions or other such administration. 

We are always available to call on and like to be known as a household that can get things done right.